Meet Mona

Hi, my name is Mona and I am an International executive life coach, wife and mother of 3. I was born in England and since then have been on the move. First with my parents then with my job transfers, than with my husband.To date I have lived in 15 countries across 4 continents, I speak French, English Arabic and Italian. Throughout my life I  and worked or had bonding relationships with people from over 75 countries. That is why I simply call myself a citizen of the world.

After all these life experiences, challenges, joys and dramas, I just came to the simple realization that no matter where we come from, background, color, culture, life experience we are simply humans, so we experience a human life.We all go through the same emotions and feel the same way at one time or another in our life, the only difference is the routes and the time schedules.

Our attitude towards what we go through is what will determine our level of happiness. How we use these experiences, or these life tests to grow or regress or live on purpose is what makes us different.

My life and leadership journeys showed me that the definition of fear, anxiety, insecurity, loneliness, human dignity, joy, love…to name just a few, is the same in America, Paris, Mongolia, Australia, Iraq or Somalia, whether we are a top executive, a small business owner or a visionary, a stay home parent. Our experiences of these feelings and emotions is so much the same and it brings us so close to each other that it is difficult for one to remain insensitive to the suffering that we can create to others and to self.

I realized that we need each other and everyone of us is necessary and unique and without anyone of you there is a void in the Universe. It sounds incredible but that is so true.

Once we are in this awareness, we understand the meaning of being the change we want to see, and the work on ourselves can start to be really exciting. This is the point where we all need more guidance to speed up the process, to improve our relationships with our partners, spouses, children, friends…, value and pamper our unique self, live the moment and spread our contagious joy to all around us. All the answers you are looking for lie within you and no one knows you better than yourself.

I know now for a fact that regardless of where you come from and how your life experiences and relationships have impacted your current life.

You always have the option of living a better, more balanced and more fulfilling life. A life you love. As your personal coach I will give you a different perspective on the obstacles that hold you back from living a life you love.

From my own experience. I know how great it is to talk to someone who is unbiased, someone who will listen to you in all confidentiality, will never judge you, will support you in your own growth and provide you with the tools and feedback to live a purposeful life.

If you are ready to invest in yourself and committed to do what it takes to live a life you love. I will help you find the answers you have been looking for from within and equip you with the tools to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Please feel free to contact me by phone  407-970-7209 or e.mail: for a free consultation.

Mona El Alaoui

International & Executive Life Coach


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