Mona El Alaoui- International Life Coach at Life Skills Resource Group in Orlando: Combining International, Corporate and Personal

My life has been a continuous evolution. I have lived in 13 countries (every continent except Australia). It seems that I have been doing life coaching, in one way or another, all my life; professionally, I have been an International Life Coach for the last two years here in Orlando. It brings me a lot of joy to see others prosper. I just feel so connected to humankind. Every encounter I have- every give and take- I always learn something. It’s a fuel for growth. I go from the principle that we are born full of love, and we can only be happy if we can get love and share love. Love is a creator of peace.

Before this life I had another life. I had a corporate life. I worked in advertising and sales. Throughout, my driving force was always to see people grow around me. I was concerned with the people around me, my team. You see, I think we create barriers that don’t exist because of fear. I can go anywhere and feel like I fit. I find my reason for being is to promote tolerance, peace, and non-judgment. So, I decided to make a living out of it.

We are all human beings; the things we go through are the same across the world. Whether a woman is in Afghanistan or Sweden, she wants the same things. She wants respect, honor, support, food for her children… I love empowering women to take charge of their lives. Women are the pillars of their homes and the world. I tell them that to take care of themselves is a self-less act. For, if they are not well, they cannot take care of their families. I also help expats and ethnic minorities find purpose. It helps them to feel at home and live in peace.

Somehow, I happen to put people’s lives and relationships back in perspective. I think I can make a difference. I feel so connected with everybody. There is an exchange in the coaching relationship. It’s not just one way. I see my work as something that makes a difference on a global basis thru small individual steps. Everybody who makes someone else happy wanting something good for someone else- it has global effects. You receive rewards from wanting to share good intentions through others. My purpose in life is to share- to help others grow. I’m honored and thankful for the opportunity. When you do that for your job, the result is happiness…

Everyone has a dream they have disregarded.

What is yours?

Are you looking for meaning and purpose in everything you do?
• Do you find yourself in a transitional phase, and you need guidance to figure out what to do next?
• Are your relationships at home or at work not at their best?
• Do you feel stuck and want to clear out clogged thoughts?
• Would you like to access your intuitive gifts as a parent, spouse, or friend?
• Do you find that you can’t communicate with your teens?

If you are interested in discovering your true self and are willing to do the work required to succeed, then Life Coaching is for you.

Life Coaching will help you see your blind spots and what may be keeping you in a particular routine or situation.

I help my clients design and live the life they really want.

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“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” -K. Jung