Must Read List of 10 Rules for Couples When Fighting

Rule 1: Keep it private (no fighting in front of others).

Rule 2: Schedule your arguments (ask for a time and place to discuss your differences).

Rule 3: Stay on topic (don’t let the discussion turn into a dumping session).

Rule 4: Allow Time Outs (when it gets intense or overwhelming).

Rule 5: Limit the Topic (pinpoint and agree on what you’re fighting about).

Rule 6: Offer solutions with criticisms (with a positive attitude and a desire for harmony).

Rule 7: Don’t make generalizations about your partner (“You always…” and “You never…” won’t help).

Rule 8: Set off limits topics (no below the belt stuff, like weight gain or parenting style).

Rule 9: Don’t save up anger (release complaints gently from time to time).

Rule 10: Learn the art of the apology (being right should not be more important than maintaining harmony in the relationship).

– from the article entitled:

How Not to Ruin a Marriage: A Veteran Counselor’s Ten Rules for Fair Fighting
“When you’re wrong admit it; when you’re right, shut up.”
Published on January 14, 2012 by Victoria Costello in Awakening Psyche

Taken from the book: The Everything Guide to a Happy Marriage (2009/Adams Media).

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