One valuable lesson that I have learned in my life is that people often carry burdens that are comfortingly similar to the struggles that other people have survived. Deep and indescribable discontent; disconnectedness with the people around you; love and lovelessness; lack of direction and desire for meaning; these feelings, along with their inverses, are themes of the human condition. But when the moment and the feeling are consuming you, the life you live and the pain you know can feel like something that no soul on Earth has ever borne witness to. The truth is, though, it is far from uncommon to feel hopelessly alone, betrayed, maladjusted, or disconnected. There have been countless numbers of humans before you that have known similar pains, and there will be countless others ahead of you for whom life’s burdens that you have already experienced yet await.

This lesson that I’ve learned has instilled in me another fact of life: succumbing to a life controlled by these feelings of solemnity and misery would be the easy way out. A quitter’s game, loser think. Mind you, there is no shame in the feelings themselves, but rather the decision to let them rule your life. Giving in to a life of misanthropic solitude, of depressive shame or spiteful lethargy, is for functional people a volition; a conscious and controllable decision. Google has showed me John Donne is the man that said it best: “no man is an island.”

The human condition is shared by all humans. Pain and suffering have never been strangers to our kind, and for this reason there is always a friend to be found or a place to turn to for answers. For most of life’s strife, one need not look further than their record collection or to their friends and family for motivating compassion. But even during life’s most dire and disheartening suffering, there exists shelter to be found; people that will listen with unconditional regard for your own needs and well-being that will aid selflessly in discovering answers to your own life’s questions. In fact, there are ten of those people here, at Life Skills Resource Group. Toss that loser think out the window and call today for a FREE consultation…

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