Dr. Nicole Craven, MD


Dr. Nicole Craven received her MD from Tulane University.

She completed her Pediatric Residency at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston

Specialized Training

Fellowship Certified Integrative Medicine Doctor
Certified Health, Nutrition and Life Coach
Aesthetic and Anti-aging CME focus
Herbal, Vitamin and Whole Foods Practitioner
Board Certified Pediatrician
Licensed Adult and Child Medical Doctor

Contact Info

Contact email: nicole@drnicolemd.com
Contact phone number: (407) 720-6765

Dr Nicole M.D providing Holistic Functional Medicine for Adults and Children

I am glad you are here today and interested in me. My purpose is to help you today to find relief from the symptoms you continue to face. As a holistic medical doctor, I offer a program that gets to the root cause of physical and mental concerns. The program is not pure magic, but some feel that way. It is a “feel good again” program that is often found to be your positive turning point in life and health.

How many times a day do you think about something uncomfortable you feel in your body? Think of your day today and honestly recall how often you think of your symptoms. I find in most it is often and hindering, sometimes persistent or worsening for months or years. There is no need to dismiss your feelings again. They are valid and real and can be helped. Holistic doctors dive into symptoms to evaluate whole body wellness not one system illness.

Doctors may have given you the impression that your symptoms are normal unless symptoms progress. Have you been offered strong prescriptions that help one complaint and cause other problems? Do you feel dependent on medication but really don’t like taking it? I can confidently tell you that it is not normal to have daily struggles when we can successfully give your body its cellular function again.

What does Holistic medicine from an M.D. mean?

  1. I listen to your every problem
  2. I find the root cause or the “why” you experience these problems
  3. We work together (you and I) with the complicated science of cellular function, investigatingevery path of dysfunction and finding the treatment plan that gives results. This includes looking into infection, allergy, leaky gut, toxins, genetics, cellular deficiencies, mitochondrial energy, hormones, metabolism and more. We unwind and read your map.
  4. We make a new map to follow with your healthy DNA. We find a treatment plan that gives results and I teach you to make life style changes (not complete overhauls) with ease.

I am a motivator. I do not bark orders. I do expect honesty in my program and definitely not perfection. When you are able to tell me your obstacles that may seem embarrassing that will be your AHA moment for change. I will always share the obstacles I face and the solutions I have found to overcome them.

Deciding to try natural medicine approaches can be a leap of faith. Some may be concerned the therapies seem hippie, foreign, eccentric, ineffective or expensive. I can assure you these are myths. This is precisely why, as a conventional M.D., I felt compelled to continue to study 4 additional years with the best M.D’s in holistic medicine. I acquired amazing knowledge and the skills to use it. My services are provided with every intention to heal you. I watch this process in my patients (and myself) with such joy. Please feel free to contact me directly at nicole@drnicolemd.com or check out my website and more information at the links listed below.  If you would like to read blogs by Dr. Nicole click here.


I’m always happy to share my story. I’ve found when we share our dark and light past, we find connection and compassion. Our experiences shape us and can be leveraged for continued self-defeating practices or for present joy. The decision is ours as to which path we take. I have made mistakes and taken the wrong path. My mistakes have helped me find humility and a passion to help myself in order to help oth- ers. We can make the past the past and use the life lessons to become stronger and find a light happi- ness to share with others. Personally, this has also been a spiritual and physical journey that I recognize and honor each day.

My story includes:

  • –  Early childhood trauma
  • –  Facing a serious anxiety disorder for most of my life
  • –  Chronic fatigue due to an undiagnosed thyroid illness (missed for 7 years)
  • –  A fall into depression triggered by a combination of no sleep, brain toxic food and vitamin deficiencies
  • –  Gastrointestinal reflux and SIBO due to a missed gluten allergy
  • –  Serious Vitamin and mineral deficiencies due to prolonged use of antacids (prescribed)
  • –  Oral Contraceptive use permanently disrupting my hormone pathways (prescribed for 17 yrs)
  • –  Dependency on an anti-anxiety medication
  • –  Painfully seeing conventional medicine fail my patients and worsen health with a disease based ap-proach and harmful prescription medications.
  • –  Allowing conventional medicine to address only physical when mental and spiritual health dictate howwe respond to our physical body.My personal change:
    Through many channels of healing, asking for help, educating myself, finding holistic care, and working on my mind, body, and spirit, I’ve reached a place in my life I thought I would not experience: a life with- out anxiety, and with physical and mental joy.

My professional change:
Unleashing the black and white patterns taught to medical doctors and embracing functional medicine was initially frowned upon by many medical doctors. I have “fought” for years to be accepted in the med- ical field, now realizing that confidence in my medicine is all I needed. I have witnessed functional medi- cine approaches evolve over the years to be a needed field. To quote my mentor, Dr Andrew Weil, I do believe it will be the only healing health care of the future. I challenge you to let me lead you through the channels. I strongly believe you can have your vitality return.

Dr. Nicole Craven received her MD from Tulane University. She completed her Pediatric Residency at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. She has trained in challenging fields such as emergency medicine, hematology, cardiology, Neonatal ICU, and Pediatric ICU. She has worked in outpatient offices as well as provided hospital care and newborn delivery care.

The most critical aspect of her training was her completion of the Integrative Medicine Fellowship, Tucson, AZ with Dr. Andrew Weil. Because of this thorough education and amazing experience, she is grateful to provide pediatric and adult holistic medicine also known as “root cause” functional medicine.

After completion of her fellowship, she completed a health coaching degree with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York. She is a certified natural health, nutrition and life style coach.

Dr Nicole has worked as a hands-on doctor for over 14 years and a holistic doctor for over 9 years. She chose her comprehensive education to confidently restore patients to whole body health. Today, she is grateful to have direct contact with the most successful Integrative Medicine doctors across the country to constantly evolve the knowledge base and success of the medicine of the future.


Common Chronic symptoms I treat

Weight Gain
Thyroid Illness
Hormone Imbalance
Cortisol Imbalance and Adrenal Fatigue
Food allergies and intolerance
Gut Inflammation: Leaky Gut, SIBO, Yeast Overgrowth GERD (reflux)
Migraine Headaches
Autoimmune Illness
Low Sex Drive
Sleep Disturbance
Mood Swings
Memory Loss
Brain Fog
Chronic Illness in Children and Adults


STOP STARVING WEIGH LESS PROGRAM:This program is a life changer. It is does not include the weight loss trap. I will guide you through each step and give you a solid understanding of how to change your metabolism.

• Fat, Phytonutrient, Fire Meals
• Mitochondrial engagement and cellular burn
• Toxin testing and cleanse
• Sleep with pineal and adrenal gland analysis
• Balance sex hormones with 9 path test and treatment
• Pelvic Floor and Core stimulation with small muscle therapy
• GI mapping of infection and gaps
• Food Compatibility and Allergy
• Medical Vitamin Titration Therapy based on deficienceis
• Brain signal remapping for cravings, emotional eating and mood swings • Body Based movement
• Oxygen and electrolyte cell stimulation
• Herbal power combo therapy
• Body Love


  • Balance sex hormones with 9 path test and treatment
  • Hormone package Precursors and Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy
  • Thyroid Function multi-pathway support for Metabolism
  • Mitochondrial ignition and engagement for cellular energy
  • Cofactor and anti-oxidant cell activation
  • Cortisol regulation and stress hormone cycling suppression
  • Adrenal Fatigue and Overdrive management
  • Estrogen and Androgen deficiency and dominance balancing
  • Medical Vitamin Titration Therapy based on deficiencies
  • Gut, brain and cell cleanse
  • Neurotransmitter production for Mood
  • Sexual energy awakening techniques
  • Body Love


This program is the empowerment program. I look deeply into what hinders you and help your body and mind overcome by analyzing and renewing your cells. All it takes is recognizing that you don’t want to live with the health burden you face long term, and you don’t want any chronic diseases to manifest.

  • Cellular health steps: Investigate, decode, rethink, recode and rewire
  • Inflammation removal
  • Body Function Food Plan
  • Heart health, bone health and gut health analysis
  • Genetic based disease risk therapy
  • Gut infection, leaking, inflammation and allergy testing
  • Epigenetics to favor longevity and cellular optimization
  • Mental and physical pattern (habit) rewiring
  • Individual energy restoration with mitochondrial detox and support
  • Character defect analysis for social and spiritual grounding
  • Lymphatic vibration and drainage
  • Joy, light and vitality


  • Gut Infection and building a healthy microbiome
  • Leaky Gut testing and sealing therapy
  • Gut, brain and cell cleanse
  • Neurotransmitter production for Mood
  • Genetic food and toxin testing
  • Food Allergy and Compatibility testing
  • Digestive Function and Support
  • Injection Therapies
  • Oxygen and electrolyte cell stimulationLAB ANALYSIS AND OTHER TESTING
  • 9 point hormone evaluation (dried urine, salivary, serum)
  • 9 point thyroid investigation
  • Advance Cardio Metabolic Panel
  • Gut investigations: Infection, SIBO, leaky gut, digestive states, inflammation
  • Inflammatory Cellular State- autoimmune, allergy, location analysis,
  • Neurotransmitter depletion and imbalance
  • Genetics: MTHFR, Gluten Genes, Drug Compatibility GeneSightNOTES: Elements of other programs incorporated as relevant. Individualized program levels based on goals, symptoms, needs, and finances.