Jen Larsen, CPC, RYT500


Jen Larsen, CPC, is a Certified Professional Life Coach, yoga teacher, and nutrition educator.

Specialized Training

Certified Professional Coach, American Life Coach Academy (ICF accredited)
Advanced Yoga Teacher, Fitour (ACE and AFAA approved)
Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, The Trauma Center at JRI, 40 hour specialized training                                                                                 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher accredited by Yoga Alliance


Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Trinity College in Hartford, CT

Completed 2 years toward Masters Degree in Neuroscience at the New School in NY, NY

Contact Info

Phone- 407.757.5343


Fees For Services

$85- $120 per hour

Jen Larsen is a life coach ready to help you identify your inner glow, and support your personal transformation to a more capable, more satisfied, happier YOU.

Do you feel like you could be creating and achieving MORE in your life, but don’t know where to start? Do you feel overwhelmed with the idea of goal-setting? Do you feel that there could be more creativity and richness to your day-to-day life than what you are experiencing now? Are you feeling a bit scattered, with a desire to be more organized and on-the-ball?

Coming from a varied background that includes psychology, marketing, public affairs, business operations, yoga, and nutrition, I have worn many different hats throughout my life, and have looked through many different lenses. I draw from this rich diversity of experience in my coaching relationship with you, and take a soul-led approach to my work. Most importantly though, I believe in the power of our relationship, coach and client. YOU are the expert on you, and I am willing to meet you where you are and ask the right questions to bring out the best you have within you.

Through a collaborative process of attuned and focused listening and insightful questioning, together we will delve deeper to:
Uncover what really motivates you
Identify what you want more of in your life
Set goals with specific, measurable steps
Unveil blocks or internal beliefs that might be holding you back
Explore different perspectives on personal situations, reflecting on achievements as well as limitations
Keep you accountable as you move toward your goals

Coaching is different from therapy in that we focus on the present and the future rather than integrating experiences from the past. Sometimes though, issues from the past are where our limiting beliefs may originate, and so we may go back and reflect on past experiences in the context of how they impact your present life and future goals.

An avid reader and journal-writer myself, in our sessions together I may offer you suggestions of books to read, writing exercises, or other additional resources to help you gain more clarity during this supported journey of self-exploration. While nothing is mandatory, those who pursue the recommended “homework” are likely to achieve their goals even more quickly.

Ultimately, I applaud you for putting yourself first and seeking the support of a life coach at this time. I am excited to meet you, and grateful for the opportunity to offer my services through Life Skills Resource Group. I can be reached by phone at 407.757.5343 or via email at for a free consultation or to set up an appointment.

To learn more about Jen and what she has to offer, visit her website at