Pump Up The Volume…LOUD

loud and proud

By Dr. Darlene Treese (Dr. Dar)

“The universe constantly and obediently answers to our conceptions.”
-Henry David Thoreau

In teaching I often reminded children to discriminate when to use their “inside voice” (quiet classroom) and when to use their “outside voice” (noisy playground). In life I notice that we fail to make this distinction as well. 90% of life is absolutely wonderful, full of success, happiness and joy. And yet we use that “outside voice” to loudly complain about the 10% that is inside “under construction.” We quietly whisper or ignore the 90% good that deserves to be shouted from the roof tops. Why do we have this backward? The nature of the human mind is to focus on negativity. All energy in our world (even in a battery) flows from negative to positive. We move from inabilities (negative) to mastery (positive) through problems – gifts to raise us to new levels. So what would happen if you reversed your inside voice and your outside voice to their rightful places, praising the 90% good and whispering the 10% challenge? It  would  be  the  gift  that  changes  your  life!

Let’s start with LOUD gratitude – a thankfulness that resounds for all that is right in your world. Just for today celebrate your freedom – what you will eat, what you will wear, where you will go, who you will see, how you will spend your time and your thoughts. Notice the hundreds of options and choices that are yours. Even if it seems that your choices are limited, you still have unlimited choice as to how you will think, feel and act. Thoughts drift through your mind; emotions catch and cement the thoughts of your choosing; actions/inactions blindly follow according to the belief systems that are formed from repeated thoughts. To change your mood, change your thought.

You do not need years of psychotherapy to root out every negative belief. Latch on to a higher thought and let positive emotion dispel the darkness. Right action will naturally follow. It is personal empowerment beyond description, because no person or situation can ever hold you down again. That freedom alone is worth a victory end zone dance. Create an outward LOUD expression of freedom that is totally yours – whether you do it alone or invite others to dance with you. Let yourself go and really get into this. You have never been self-conscious about complaining; why would you feel embarrassed about feeling good and celebrating it?

Just for today LOUDLY praise and thank all others who do anything at all to help you. Let them know how much you appreciate them and tell how good your life is because of them. Share of your joy and abundance as you would share a five-pound box of chocolates or citrus from your backyard. The more you give, the more is returned to you. Decide carefully what you want to give! Will it be compliments and praise or criticisms and sarcasms? The choice is yours. Be proactive in your thanks and praise and watch your self-confidence grow.

Just for today LOUDLY compliment yourself for all that you have learned. Be grateful for past problems and all that they have taught you. LOUDLY nurture and encourage yourself for things that still seem overwhelming and recall past successes in facing things that you never thought you could. Sing along with Billy Joel: “I’m still standing, better than I ever could, looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid.” Get rowdy with your excitement about who you are and who you are becoming!

And now for that 10% that causes you upset. Emma Curtis Hopkins had this formula. She said to look directly at the obstacle before you and say, “This too is God. This too is good. This too is for me. And I demand to see the blessing in it now.” Demanding to see the blessing gets your preconceived and limited thoughts out of the way, frees your emotions and allows you to put into action the good hidden in this dilemma. How wise the universe is. If our blessings and tools for new growth were in the midst of what is already good, we would ignore them completely!

Let every day now be your day for LOUD THANKSGIVING and pump up the volume!

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