Everyone is struggling. Love and relationship, life and its purpose, depression and a need for direction; the list could continue indefinitely, populated by concerns inherent to existence as a human being. There is not a mature face on Earth that doesn’t know the conflict of dissatisfaction in solitude, disguised with a smile for the sake of sociability or ease. Still, these issues have ways of making us feel alienated from the world, isolated by the secrets we keep locked behind our eyes. It is our response to these feelings though, our methods of coping with uncertainty and fleeting happiness, which really set us apart from one another. Some people seek shelter in religion, some in art and music, some in wealth, some in possessions. But no man can truly say who is rich and who is poor. These things we do to make ourselves feel significant and worthwhile are often only thinly veiled distractions from the constant struggle with our selves that manifests in times of loneliness, despair, or doubt. Sometimes, it seems that truly finding lasting calm is a peace reserved only for the enlightened or the feeble-minded

In my eyes, we often forsake our own selves by retreating to solitude when feeling overwhelmed by life’s tribulations. In succumbing to feelings of desolation, we choose to ignore the basic truth that lies behind our troubles: that you are never alone in your bewilderment. The relatedness among people is not in any shared characteristic like altruism or intolerance, nor in a common mindset of righteousness or selfishness. The relatedness among humans is in our ability to think, and inherent to human thought are these incessant questions that we all must struggle with: Does life have meaning? What is love? How does one find contentment? It is in the reality that we all have problems and questions that we are related. All people have to find the personal wisdom to decipher their own lives, but the social nature of life and its concerns cannot be ignored; to do so would be to confine your self to madness. Connect, and there will always be comfort to be found. If life’s struggles have become overwhelming for you or someone you know, there is no better time than today to take the first step towards peace of mind. Call today for a FREE phone consultation with one of the experienced counselors at Life Skills Resource Group Orlando. Garrett

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