Maybe I am dating myself here, but does anyone remember the Rolaids commercials from the early 80’s? The ones where Roger Staubach asked random people on the street how do you spell relief? As an elementary student with weekly spelling tests, it would frustrate me to no end when the interviewees would answer with R-O-L-A-I-D-S. That’s not how you spell relief! I would yell back at the offending commercial.

I was a bit uptight back then.

While the commercials did little to sway me to buy Rolaids (I was just a kid, after all) they did make me acutely aware of the word relief. And now, as an adult and as an Orlando Marriage and Family Counselor, relief is truly my favorite six-letter word.

Think about the last time you experienced the glorious emotion of relief. Maybe it was after crossing an undesirable task off of your to-do list. Maybe it was on day five of your weeklong head cold, when you were finally able to breathe without effort. Maybe it was when you realized that the consequences of your latest blunder weren’t nearly as awful as you were imagining. Relief comes in many forms, but I’m pretty sure no one would argue with the fact that relief feels awesome.

Relief from emotional burdens is one of the biggest gifts of counseling. While hope, happiness, and a sense of ease are worthy goals to reach for, the reality is that life, at times, can be difficult and confusing. It’s during those times that relief should become the immediate goal. The feeling of relief frees us up just enough to begin problem solving. It helps us to get unstuck and tap into our innate creativity. It aids us in moving from a limited tunnel vision of our situation to a broader, more holistic view of the future. And when these things happen – hope, happiness, and a sense of ease are just around the corner.

I chose this profession because one of my greatest joys in life is to help people find a sense of relief – to help them realize that they are not alone, that they are not “crazy” and that they have options. And once this is accomplished, anything is possible.

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