Simple Steps to Manifest Your Miracles

Miracles happen everyday, but if we do not live in awareness we simply don’t see them.
My few tips to create your own miracles.
1. You have to know what you want to manifest, do not forget to be specific.
2. You need to believe that you can have it.
3. You have to take action. Miracles do not happen on their own they require that you do something, like asking for example.
4. Even if the odds of the miracles happening is almost zero, just take action, have faith you have nothing to lose.
5. All those who saw miracles happening had faith and knew that it was for the highest good.
6. Listen to your intuition your gut feelings and learn to read the signs, they will guide you.
7. Do what feels good to you, you will know if it is right.
8. Miracles always happen, notice them and be grateful, many others will follow.
9. Even if you fail to reach your objectives just keep on trying and be persistent, don’t give up if it is right for you or for others it will happen.
10. Read the signs, the miracles are happening maybe your request has changed somebody else life.
11. Release your attachment to the outcome, go with the flow knowing that all unfolds at the right time.
12. The divine watch is not your watch, time scales are a bit different.
13. You can add many more to these tips and they will all be great.
14. Start working on your miracles now


Mona is an International and Executive Life Coach, she is passionate about people and the contagious power of happiness. Mona works with men and women from all walks of life, CEOs, stay home moms, doctors, practitioners and managers, who are ready and committed to make a shift to transform their personal or professional life and want to learn how to attract a life they love.

Mona El Alaoui
International & Executive Life Coach

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