Social Media and Mental Wellness

Social Media and Mental Wellness

How do you feel after scrolling? Seriously, ask yourself. Pick your favorite social media platform and imagine yourself scrolling through for an hour or so. How are you feeling after that hour?

Do you feel empowered? Motivated? Or do you feel down on yourself, like you “don’t quite measure up?” 

If you feel the latter, you’re not alone! Social media is an incredible tool for connectivity and communication, but, it’s also the perfect place to find yourself falling down a rabbit hole of comparison and self-loathing! Here are some tips for staying emotionally well, no matter where you scroll!

  1. Notice the times when you choose to be on your phone. Are you able to be in the present moment without it? If you find yourself “escaping” out of discomfort and into your phone frequently PAY ATTENTION! This could be a sign of possible social media escapism.
  2. Notice if your phone is pulling you away from connection from your partner, friends, children etc. These being such important connections, distance due to social media can be a red flag regarding the health of your use!
  3. Ask yourself, as above, how do I feel after scrolling? Be honest! What you feel is a telling indicator of your experience – worry about objectivity another time.
  4. Be INTENTIONAL about the accounts you follow! Follow accounts that inspire growth, reflection, self-love and actively unfollow accounts that make you feel FOMO and lead you to comparison.
  5. Plan periods of time when you are without your phone. You can just set it to Airplane Mode or Do Not Disturb, you don’t have to turn it off! The main point her is intentionally disconnecting from your device to recenter and reconnect with your immediate surroundings and your own thoughts minus the influence of others

Social media is a powerful tool and can be used for SO MUCH good. But, you know what they say about power. Be RESPONSIBLE! You have the real power and control. Use it to love yourself in action – even virtually.