Spring time is here!

Spring time is here!

Although the weather is still chilly, it is nearly March!What have you accomplished since January? Have some of your resolutions been neglected or forgotten? Spring is a time of new beginnings and the perfect time to speak to one of the Orlando life coaches or therapists at Life Skills Resource Group!

Spring cleaning is not just for your house! Your mind may have negative thoughts or anxious feelings that have outstayed their welcome. You may not realize how often you tell yourself that “I can’t do that!” or “they probably wouldn’t think I was capable”. There could be an opportunity for a great new career or meaningful relationship out there that you have overlooked due to not thinking you are worth it. A therapist can help you to find the faith in yourself that has been missing, assisting you to become more assertive and less anxious.

A bad habit can develop over a lifetime, but do not require many years to overcome! A counselor can share proven techniques that will empower you to end negative thought and behavior patterns. You may use food to give yourself a “reward” but wind up feeling guilty after overindulging. You may be so anxious that you don’t speak up enough at work, and get passed over for a promotion. Your angry outbursts may be threatening your relationship. These challenges are in your power to control, and overcome!

Just the journey to discover a therapist can be overwhelming. You may be wondering if you can afford therapy, how long it will take until you are “better”, and what kind of therapist is best for you. On the Orlando Life Skills Resource Group “Our Team” portion of the website you can see pictures and information about each of our therapists and their specialties. If you would like to know more or have a question, feel free to email or call any of us. In our FREE consultation we can answer these questions and let you know what your options may be.

Some of our therapist are in network with Cigna Behavioral Health, and we are able to work with many insurance policies to utilize your “out of network” benefits. You can complete our simple Insurance Verification Form and we can let you know the results.

Our team at Life Skills Resource Group wishes you luck in discovering a BETTER YOU this spring!



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