The Great “HUSTLE” Hoax

The Great “HUSTLE” Hoax

Dr. Darlene Treese, LPC, LMFT

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” – Socrates

YES – it’s hard to believe that the hustle hype was thriving even in the times of Socrates!

But when you consider the value of your time, you realize that it is one of your most powerful assets.  Most people speak of time as if they are powerless. We talk about being over-extended in commitments, overwhelmed by emails and texts, too short on time to be fully present in the moment – often hurting those that we love the most.  People speak about how busy they are as if it were a badge of honor to win by being busier than anyone else.

Enough already!!  Let’s back off of the frenetic action, pause and take a breath, and get a new perspective.

What are the underlying motives for being excessively busy?  For some, it is their basic insecurity and fears of being compared to others and coming up short.  It’s as if they are saying “please notice the long hours I work and ignore how little I do”.  Busy never means better.  When have you ever admired someone who gloats about how busy they are compared to everyone else? Do you really want to be like them? Perhaps rather than admiration you may feel that they are scattered in too many directions or splintered and unorganized. And you know that you could never trust that person for whatever you are needing from them……because they’re just too busy!

For some, being busy is a great way to avoid the most important tasks at hand or delay pursuing their heart’s desires.  They avoid the possibility of failing or being disappointed by being too busy to even begin.  You may hear them say “I never have time to do the basic things to build my business” or “I’d love to write a book/have a meaningful relationship/travel the world/start a family, but I’m just too busy”.  I have a magnet on my refrigerator that says “If You Wanted To, You Would”.  It’s so refreshing to let go of the busy and admit that it’s either a priority for you or it’s not.  The choice is always yours.

Others use busy to avoid the most important relationship that they could ever have – the one you have with yourself.  We avoid time alone spent in introspection because we dread the inner dialogue of self-criticism and judgment or mindless chatter.   When you realize that this is only your ego rambling on and on, hit the internal mute button. Connecting to your higher self is something much different.  Your higher self, the core of who you really are, knows everything that you desire and the shortest path of least resistance to get there.  But you have to pause and listen.  Take just 10 minutes each morning to pause and breathe, to relax and focus your attention on something that’s mundane, repetitive and predictable (like the sound of ocean waves or the hum of a fan or air conditioner).  In that space of quiet your connection is made.  Thoughts will come to you as daydreams and you will be inspired to take actions that have no relevance to the busy you think you should do. 

In that sacred space you will find laser focus and inspired action that result in deliberate creation of the life you choose to live.  One who is connected and centered in this way is more powerful than millions who are not.  And as Gandhi said, you will find that there’s more to life than increasing its speed.

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