The “Joy Index”

Juliana Ochoa, MA
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

The “Joy Index”

My colleague Heidi Behr at Feel Peace Now is currently offering her popular e-course, “Not Your Mom’s Lent 2.0,” an interfaith practice course that welcomes time for reflection and offers wisdom and teachings from various spiritual traditions. One of her messages last week was about engaging in a practice of turning inward and connecting with our true self. I believe that this practice of tuning into a space of connection with spirit, allows us to offer the best (and true) version of ourselves both to ourselves and to others. Heidi went on to share Dr. Wayne Dyer’s reflection on how to recognize when people are living in this space, in-Spirit. He calls this measure, the “joy index.” I loved this because it allowed me to take a moment to acknowledge the people around me that give off this light, this palpable energy, easy to recognize and feel. Energy that just makes me feel so much joy, love, and peace. I can breathe a little easier when I am in their presence. Heidi’s practice suggestion also invited me to consider ways in which I give off my energy and how I am showing up in the world. So this week, that is my invitation to you. Who do you know in your life that you recognize is living their life in-Spirit? Are you able to answer some of Dr. Dyer’s questions and recognize your own high spiritual energy? Where are your people on the “joy index?” Where are you?


Seek the Light, by Dr. Wayne Dyer:

When we meet others who we think might be living in-Spirit, we can ask the following questions:

Do they seem to have a rapturous heart, sending out signals that they love the world and everyone in it?

Are they jubilant about the work they do?

Do they see the world as a friendly place?

Are they at peace with themselves?

Do they appear to be kind rather than judgmental?

Do they tend to be cheerful?

Do they love to play?

Are they willing to be students as well as teachers?

Do they love nature?

Are they in awe of the world?

Are they approachable?

Do they take great pleasure in serving others?

Do they accept all people as equals?

Are they open to new ideas?


You are meant to experience joy and love in this lifetime. You deserve to feel happy and loved. If you are experiencing a lack of disconnect from yourself and others, our therapists at Life Skills Resource Group are here to help you find your way to a grounded and connected place. Please call for a free phone consultation 407-355-7378.

Juliana Ochoa