Three Steps for Using Your Inner Critic as a Pathway to Authenticity

Three Steps for Using Your Inner Critic as a Pathway to Authenticity

Cindy S. Fabico,

What if you saw your inner critic as a “self check” mechanism, spurring you to look more deeply at how you are conducting your life and how this may be out of alignment with your soul’s purpose; to love and be loved?

What if you could learn to befriend this critical voice and shift it from the voice of fear to the voice of love, driving you to learn, expand, share, and connect more deeply with self and others?

Does this sound like a great idea in theory but an impossibility in reality? I challenge you to see that an attitude of possibility is all that is needed to drive you in the direction of becoming. Becoming a deeply satisfied spiritual being having a human experience for the purpose of the advancement of your soul.

Here are 2 steps for befriending your inner critic based on my own personal work with one of my mentors Kristen Schneider @ayurvedaorlando.

Step 1: Grab your journal and reflect on your inner critic and answer three points of contemplation:

1.How do you feel when your inner critic is actively talking to you?

2.Why do you think your inner critic exists? What is its function?

3.Give your inner critic a name and a create a visual in your mind’s eye. Maybe draw it.

Step 2: Reflect on if what the inner critic is telling you.

1.Is it true?

2.Is it absolutely, fundamentally, without a doubt true?

3.How do I feel and respond when I believe this thought?

4.Who could I be if I chose not to believe the thought?

Step 3: Make this a practice that you turn to with consistency each time the inner critic tries to get your attention.

With this tool in hand you can begin to consistently become grateful for this voice of knowing and transform it from criticism to an opportunity for growth.