Tips For a Healthier, Happier You!


Piggy-backing off of the topic I chose to write about last week… I’d like go a little more in-depth about learning how to live your life for yourself, and ways to allow yourself to be happy.

Sometimes it’s just not enough to simply go through the motions- I don’t really know anyone who enjoys feeling like they’re sole purpose in life is to be a means to an end; and, why should anyone have to feel this way? There are so many amazing hobbies to partake in, career paths to indulge in, people to get to know, and places to branch out to and explore- so, why deprive ourselves?!

I found a blog post, Happiness Hacks: 9 Ways to Infuse Your Life with Joy, by Jess Stuart on, that really touches on this idea and talks about 9 Life hacks to unveiling your own happiness.


1. Authenticity: Be who you are, not who you think you should be.

To find happiness, we must be true to ourselves, live our own dreams, and be proud of what makes us unique. So, instead of comparing yourself to others, look to see if you’re fulfilling your own potential in accordance with what you value.

2. Self-care: Respect yourself.

Health and happiness are inextricably linked; you can’t have one without the other.

Our nutrition is so important, as is getting enough sleep and regular exercise. In a world where lifestyle-related disease is at epidemic proportions, taking care of our own health is increasingly critical

3. Mindfulness: Live in the now.

Our thoughts are consumed with rehashing the past or worrying about the future. Mindfulness is acceptance of what is, without judgment; being yourself, at home with yourself; and seeing the beauty in every moment. It teaches us to slow down and notice more. This leads to a true happiness that arises from within, independent of external circumstances.

4. Resilience: Learn from experiences.

Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. As Thich Nhat Hanh says, “The art of happiness is also the art of suffering well.” To be happy, it is critical that we embrace the tough times, too. They come to us all. It’s how we deal with them and bounce back that impacts our happiness. This is our resilience.

4. Appreciation: Be grateful.

Like a bottomless bucket that can never be filled, we always want more. I learned that happiness is not about getting what you want; it’s about loving what you have.

5. Simplicity: Let go.

We feel we need to have things in order to be free, when in fact it’s the opposite. Our struggle to hold on to things brings the very pain we are trying to avoid. We are terrified of letting go, for fear we’ll have nothing, but this is the true path to living well.

6. Self-empowerment: Look within.

We have a tendency to look for inspiration externally, in our teachers or gurus, yet we have infinite potential within.We are capable of amazing things if we stop doubting our abilities. It’s often during our biggest challenges that we find out just how much strength we possess.

7. Compassion: Reach outside yourself.

Happiness is less about survival of the fittest and looking after number one, and more about collaboration and acts of kindness. Doing good makes us feel good. The best jobs I’ve ever had were voluntary, unpaid roles helping others.

8. Enjoyment: Do things you love.

We need to earn a certain amount of money to provide the basics, and few of us are lucky enough to have a job we love. However, we all still have a whole life outside of work with which to create happiness. Instead of just making a living, be sure to make a life. Do things you love every day, spend time with those who nourish your soul, learn new things, take time out for you.

9. Challenges: Try something new, something that scares you.

Sometimes we’d like to change things, but it’s just too hard. We know we’re unhappy where we are, but the alternatives are too scary. We prefer the devil we know, and the familiar feels secure, even if it doesn’t make us happy. To get somewhere you’ve never been, you might have to do something you’ve never done. Life begins at the end of our comfort zone!

To read the Jess’s full article, click on the link: Happiness Hacks: 9 Ways to Infuse Your Life with Joy . In her post, Jess goes into greater detail about personal experiences that have helped her reach her full potential; and, the journey she traveled in order to get to the heightened state of well-being she lives in today.

– Virginia Johnson

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