Using creativity to change your life

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Back in October, I wrote a blog about Adult Coloring being a growing trend. Coloring has been shown to have amazing affects on our lives, from reducing anxiety and stress to increasing concentration and focus. But coloring alone isn’t the only way for individuals to gain these benefits. Increasing one’s creativity, whether it is through painting, sculpting, writing fictional stories, etc., has shown to have the same wonderful benefits that coloring has for adults. For those perfectionists out there like me, we must remind ourselves that creativity does not equal making art. Creativity is simply the use of the imagination. It’s anything we do that makes us happy, invigorates us, or offers a simple moment of pure merriment.

Creativity is about doing what you enjoy, even if it’s something small. And doing what you enjoy can have a significant impact on our lives. Lynn Newman’s article, “10 Ways Creativity Can Completely Change Your Life” goes over some of the reasons why being creative can be so beneficial for you in the long run. I have included some of her 10 ways below.

Creativity makes us present. Because we’re doing something we like to do, we’re engaged in the moment. Time passes in an instant because we’re having some fun. Creativity also causes us to be more mindfully in tune with our overall lives. Similar to the benefits I listed on adult coloring, creativity can help calm our nervous system, decreases anxiety, and helps restore balance.

We better our relationships. When we do something we love and enjoy, we better connect with ourselves. This allows us to create a better relationship with ourselves, which is needed to have good relationships with others. We also become more fulfilled, allowing us to rely less on those around us to fulfill our needs.

We’re led to new wonderful opportunities. Even a small creative project might open us to whole new possibilities. We never know where it might lead. For sure with any kind of project, as our creative juices get flowing, there’s an infinite pool to draw from to keep our inventiveness growing.


Depression is lifted. While doing the things we enjoy, even if it seems small or easy, the self-judgments we make (like we’re not enough, or bad, or we don’t matter) are suspended. We do it just because of the sheer delight of doing it. It’s the permission we give to ourselves to do what we love that makes us forget we’re in the slumps. The more we engage, the more our spirits fly. Doing something that is not demanding or to win is the antidote to any dreariness or blahs.

We get out of our own way. When doing something we enjoy, we’re focused on the act of doing it rather than self-ruminating. It immediately gets us out of our head. Much of our unhappiness is bred from being fixed and consumed by our thoughts and behaviors. We tend to observe our feelings, words, and actions far too often. When we’re engaged creatively, we’re freed from any internal traps that say something about us, especially because it doesn’t have to be so serious. It’s also the #1 best replacement for any addictions.

We build character. As we attend to our creativity, we feel better about ourselves. This simple act of showing up serves our self-respect and confidence. The more we make pleasurable, creative acts a priority, the more we rejuvenate, strengthen, and grow. The overall gain is a greater sense of gratitude.

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