What does a balloon have to do with a #relationship?

What does a balloon have to do with a #relationship?

Cindy Fabico,

In my work with couples as a #marriageandfamilytherapist I seek to create visual representations for my clients.

One of my faves is asking my couples to consider the idea that their relationship is like a balloon and that each of them are responsible to keep this balloon well inflated.

How can we keep this metaphorical balloon?

Showing kindness, listening, validating, expressing appreciation, seeking to understand maintaining healthy boundaries, sharing responsibilities, watching our words, accepting a NO, lots of yes-s, physical contact, authentic communication, acting as a team, making time together and FUN a priority and more.

Couples who understand that relationships require consistent effort do these things to keep their relationship balloon inflated.

Couples who name call, blame, yell, are unsupportive, prioritize children over the relationship, hold grudges, become addicted, suck the air out of their balloon.

I often see couples whose ballon is so devoid of air that the sides have stuck together.

These balloons are so very difficult and often impossible to re-inflate.

Remember, it is never too late to learn the skills to keep your relationship afloat.

Marriage and family therapists are experts with extended training and experience helping couples learn to keep or re-inflate their relationships balloons.

We are just a “goog” away! Don’t wait until it is too late!

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