Isn’t it amazing that the first month of 2010 is almost at its end? Many of us may have made, and even broken New Year’s resolutions by this point. We decided that we would “eat healthier”, “go to the gym every day” or “find the love of our life”. However, just making resolutions is not the way to change your life for the better. Maybe the reason that you can’t ever seem to make it to the gym is that your poor self image makes you feel embarrassed to work out in front of others. Maybe you have always had negative feelings about food that cause you to binge eat whenever you are stressed. Maybe you have found the right person in the past but repeat the same relationship mistakes over and over again. Sometimes the best way to find a new you is to learn how to change your thoughts and actions through a relationship with a counselor or therapist. The qualified counselors at Life Skills Resource Group in Orlando have collective years of experience helping other people like you to overcome the challenges of their past mistakes and open a door to a better life. Whether it is by going to one of our inspiring life coaching or relationship building groups, having couples therapy with the person that you love or partaking on a journey of individual therapy, one can learn so much from our professional therapists!

Approximately 40 million American adults in the United States struggle with anxiety, and nearly 21 million live with depression (National Institute on Mental Health). While you likely wouldn’t hesitate to see a physician when you have a broken bone, many of us are afraid to take the first step in seeing a counselor for these common challenges.  While a surgeon might repair a broken bone, it is up to you to go to physical therapy and follow their advice in rehabilitation. It is a similar relationship with a therapist. We can show you the tools that will allow you to make your life be the way you want it to be. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up in the morning, ready to go to work with a great attitude about the day?  Or to go to a trip to the mall without worrying about what could happen along the way? To go on a first date with a strong sense of self worth? Gaining insight and self esteem are only a few of the benefits that you can receive from therapy at Life Skills Resource group in Orlando. It is possible to overcome depression and anxiety with the help of a supportive therapist to guide you.

Its not to late to make a resolution about changing your “inner you” for the better in 2010. Let the Life Coaches and Therapists at Life Skills Resource Group in Orlando show you the way. We are all available by phone or email for a FREE Consultation to determine what services will best help you be the person you always wanted to be. Don’t be alarmed if we are not “in network” with your particular insurance plan, as we are able to bill out of network with many plans, as well as accepting private pay clients. One trait that all of the staff of Life Skills Resource Group in Orlando share is a collective desire to drive our clients to reach their goals and dreams.  Click here to go to OUR TEAM page to read about us and don’t hesitate to contact us today with any questions or concerns.

Jessica Stage, MSW Registered Clinical Social Work Intern


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