What you should know about divorce recovery in Orlando

The end of a marriage can be one of the most stressful events a person experiences in life.  Even for the partner who chooses to leave, divorce is likely to bring up many painful and difficult emotions. Grief, guilt, anger, confusion, fear, shame, and anxiety may all come into play. If children are involved the stress is normally much higher. Sometimes people just do not recover on their own and often individuals cannot release the intense pain from the divorce. At times there is fear of ever getting close to someone again. The emotional trauma can become so difficult that sometimes therapy is the only answer.

Divorce Recovery is possible!

Divorce Recovery is possible!

In order to cope with the difficult mental, physical, and financial process of divorce, an individual may choose to begin therapy. Divorce therapy is normally done on an individual basis. A spouse going through divorce may be facing feelings of guilt, fear, anxiety, depression and grief. Working with a therapist can provide an objective and rational perspective and help the individual obtain the necessary skills to get through the challenge of divorce. People often learn more about themselves during the therapeutic process and see the life transition as an opportunity for growth and personal enrichment.

Divorce may contribute to or exacerbate certain mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, or personality diagnoses. Many people perceive divorce as a personal failure. Therapy can work through those feelings and obtain a new life perspective. Divorce can be the best opportunity to grow and become a much stronger person. This can help with future relationships.

Divorce therapy is also available for couples who are in the process of going through a divorce, as a means of working together in a healthy, constructive fashion to achieve the dissolution of the marriage. A divorce therapist acts as a type of mediator, and sets guidelines to ensure the divorce is achieved with minimal hostility and emotional damage.

Divorce and kids: Therapy can be critically important for children in a divorce situation. Parents are normally consumed with their own feelings regarding their divorce. Parents often overlook the devastating effects the divorce has on children. Children may feel guilt, loss, pain, abandonment, and an overwhelming sense of confusion. Children often struggle with loyalty to each of their parents. Many times they feel they are the cause of the divorce. Parents and children must get help for all of the issues that arise as a result of the divorce. If help is not sought, long-term effects on the child may continue into adulthood and cause complications throughout their lives.

Divorce recovery is a process. There is no time limit on that process. Worries about financial solvency, employment, and housing may affect individuals after a divorce. Stress over losing friends or family members can be a difficult challenge. Overcoming tremendous guilt as a parent of a divorced child may lead to an emotional overwhelm.

All of these issues can be worked through in a divorce recovery process. A trained therapist can teach coping mechanisms to begin your new life. If you are interested in Orlando divorce counseling or Orlando divorce recovery, give us a call at Life Skills Resource Group Orlando at 407-355-7378. I, Kelli Skorman, would be happy to work with you on recovering from divorce, and our counselors Amy Smith and Jessica Carmean can provide Orlando child counseling for divorce and Orlando teen counseling for divorce.

Give us a call and start your new life! ~Kelli Skorman