What’s up with Cindy?

What’s up with Cindy?

Cindy Fabico, MA, NCC, RYT200

To my clients and guides:

I am writing to share some wonderful changes I am making in my healing practices. 

The first change is that I have added yoga, meditation and breath-work to my toolkit.

In my almost 20 years working with individuals, couples and families as a psychotherapist and life coach it has become more and more clear that there are 2 keys to unlocking sustainable mental health and relationship skills.

These keys include:

  1. Managing the autonomic nervous system.
  2. Healing large and small traumas that affect the nervous system’s responses.

Without an understanding of and access to these 2 essential keys we are mastered by triggering events which signal the body’s alarm system (sympathetic nervous system) and put us into flight, fight, freeze or fix. In this state our rationale brain is OFFLINE and the only remedy is to a) rapidly bring the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) ONLINE; or b) create physical and emotional space for at least 30 min to allow a reset, although usually damage has already been done.
What I have come to know based on my personal experience, the experience of my clients, and the most recent research is that YOGA, MEDITATION, and BREATH are the master keys to living a life of equanimity (mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation).

I have been consistently practicing yoga for 10 years and in December finished my yoga 🧘‍♀️ teacher training. I encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV2OHrNy3bcuG98Xut1FNyw where I offer FREE all levels yoga suitable for complete beginners and targeting mental health challenges such as anxiety, toxic energy, depression, and overall well-being.
In order to facilitate this new stage in my development and to help me optimize my own mental and relational health I am changing my office hours and location.

My new hours and locations will be:
Dr. Phillips Office

Monday 8-1 and Tuesday 3-8

College Park and remote via zoom or FaceTime

Monday 3-8 Tuesday 8-1 Thursday 9-4

I will also be offering some fee changes. All fees apply to individuals, couples, families in person or via zoom.

50 min session $135

75 min session $200 (suggested for new individuals and couple follow ups)

100 min session $270 (required for new couples)

25 min session $75 (available only to established individual therapy or coaching clients who need a check in and/or rapid reboot).

The hourly rates for yoga, meditation and breath-work are identical but can be attended by up to 4 people with no price increase. My yoga on YouTube will always be available for FREE to past and current clients.

I am and will be forever grateful to have you as guides on my journey. I wholeheartedly believe that your paths have informed and inspired my own. I have and continue to learn so much through our work. I will continue to commit to keeping my skill set up to date and to have fresh and challenging home work assignments to keep you moving forward toward optimal health and a life filled with vitality and joy.


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