Must Read List of 10 Rules for Couples When Fighting

Rule 1: Keep it private (no fighting in front of others). Rule 2: Schedule your arguments (ask for a time and place to discuss your differences). Rule 3: Stay on topic (don’t let the discussion turn into a dumping session). Rule 4: Allow Time Outs (when it gets intense or overwhelming). Rule 5: Limit the […]

RU N2 txtN?

How often do you text? Would you know exactly what I meant by…TTYL or IKR? Were you once a sparkling conversationalist, and now you’re ROTFL just thinking about it? I recently discovered a website where you can “translate text messages from lingo to plain English or from plain English to lingo.” It’s . I […]


From the moment we are born our parents start repeating words to us in the hopes that we will soon repeat those same words. Once we start school we are taught how to make sentences and carry on conversations. We communicate in many different ways everyday. We talk, send e-mails, make phone calls, text, give […]