Suicide Prevention: A New Conversation

  September is National Suicide Prevention Month, and our community comes together to promote suicide prevention awareness. Understanding and discussing issues surrounding suicide is an important way to help in prevention efforts and help those who struggle with mental health concerns. Suicide is not something that is easy to talk about, but if we know […]

Depression: It May Not Look Like You’d Expect

Depression often goes unrecognized by the individual experiencing it and those around them. This week Orlando counselor Risa Bos, MA, LMHC shares the symptoms of depression and some tips for preventing depression from taking a stronghold on one’s life. We are sad as a society.  Many of us feel weighed down by the demands of […]

Recovering from a bad day or week

Ever have one of those off weeks were you just want to press fast forward until the weekend is here? I am sure we have all have experienced this feeling before (maybe you experience this more than just once). This past week has been one of those weeks for me – all week long has […]