Goal Setting for the Fall Season and the School Year

  The end of July is quickly approaching and many of us, especially those who work closely in education, are beginning to feel the new school year creep up on us. I, affectionately, like to say that “fall is coming…” Shout out to the GoT fans. I try to use this time each year to […]

What Does Progress Look Like?

What does progress look like? Well, it is messy, very messy. Are you sure you want to see it? Most of us are not so sure that we do – because some part of us knows that the path to get there may not be as “glorious” as the end goal.   We all think […]

Tips for New Year Resolutions

How often during this time of year do we hear the phrase, “New Year, new me!“? And, typically, shortly after, we see those same people disregarding those same goals and starting back at square one.  But, the truth of the matter is that a person’s inability to follow through with the goals they have set forth […]

Goal Setting

  What is one thing that all people have in common? I’m sure a plethora of things can come to mind… we all have a brain, a heart, some form of communication, etc. So, although there are many things that set each of us apart from one another, there are also many things we have in common… The […]