Trauma Sensitive-Yoga

“I do not view post-traumatic stress disorder as a pathology to be managed, suppressed, or adjusted to, but the result of a natural process gone awry. Healing trauma requires direct experience of the living, feeling, knowing organism.”     –  Peter Levine, Ph. D. * * * “The goal of treatment of PTSD is to […]

LSRG Team Welcomes Diana Hardy

Diana Hardy, MS Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern All of us experience times of darkness and hardship in life. Psychotherapy is the process of working through those in a supportive and confidential relationship, with the hope that those challenges will be transformed into a force that will create decision, change and greater freedom. After nearly […]

Understanding Trauma

This week Orlando trauma therapist Kelli Skorman talks about how childhood trauma can effect us and the hope that comes from receiving trauma therapy.   Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed or simply not yourself? Do you find yourself avoiding situations that could trigger flashbacks of a past event?  Your feelings may be explained by a […]