Hypnotherapy: Deepening your Self-Discovery

  We’ve all seen the dramatic depiction of someone being hypnotized: it usually involves a pocket watch swinging like a pendulum, making the individual powerless to resist the drowsiness setting in.  Thirty minutes and several subconscious commands later, when the hypnotist snaps her fingers, the person awakes and believes she is naked, or she is […]

Women’s Day Retreat Oct. 14th

Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel like you could use some extra support? Could you use a day to Relax–Renew–Revitalize? Orlando health coach, massage therapist, and yoga instructor Tracy Rickard can help!!  She is about to host her 3rd women’s day retreat coming up Saturday October 14th 10-5pm in Dr. Phillips.  It’s a day of stress relief, […]