Bring both self-care and self-love in your life for 2015

Self-Care and Self-Love are concepts that many of you might have heard before. You may even believe that these are one in the same – they both reflect focusing on yourself and monitoring how you treat yourself in terms of caring for and loving unconditionally. But are these two concept really the same thing? Or […]

Staying Mindful during the Holidays

Now that school is winding down for the year – students are finishing up with their finals – and the holidays grow nearer, it is important to remember to stay present during the holidays and to not focus on all of the other things that are not currently going on. This past Tuesday was the end […]


As the year draws to a close and the holiday season begins, many of us enter another season, one of reflection on what we have accomplished and what we hope to accomplish. While it is true we can create and set goals any time of year, there is something about a new year that feels […]

Letting Go of Your Need for Other’s Approval

This past week, I learned about Albert Ellis’ 11 Irrational Beliefs that lead to dysfunctional behavior. For those of you who do not know who Albert Ellis is or what these 11 irrational beliefs are, I have included a short summary. Albert Ellis is the creator of Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) in which he focuses on “individuals having […]


On March 31, 2006 I was enjoying a wonderful evening with my girlfriends from high school. I had traveled to Seattle without my husband or sons to help my brother Rory, his wife Kerry, and my parents celebrate the first birthday of my niece Taylor. I cannot tell you what time my phone rang. I […]

Coming Soon: Parenting Without Power Struggles Group

If you are struggling with power struggles you are not alone.  Many of the parents who come into my office struggle with their child’s meltdowns, not getting up for school, refusal of homework, constant arguments, statements such as “but my friends get to”, and the list can go on.  I am here to tell you […]


I sometimes see clients who are stuck in their lives due to fear of the unknown. The knowns are often making them either emotionally, physically, or spiritually unhealthy (usually it is all 3 to some extent), however the idea of making a change stops them in their tracks. Many cannot get past the point of […]

Life Really Can Be A Party

It has been a month since I posted. This is not because I have lacked inspiration, I feel inspired daily to share what I learn from the amazing clients and friends who grace my life. My issue has to do with time management. You see I am a playful spirit. While I have great intentions […]

Need to slow down? Here’s how and why.

We all have had those days, weeks, months, years even for some, where we just feel like we are running around doing everything all day and without having a chance to breathe. This can be a result of work, relationships, school or just life (or a combination of it all)! This is how my last […]

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